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California's Curly Hair Specialist

Misty Holder, the Owner and Operator of StylistMis has over 20 years experience with all hair textures and types, including wavy, curly, coily, straight, thin, coarse, thick, super long, super short and every variation thereof. StylistMis has the following certifications:

Deva Cut Certified (2007)

Rezo Cut Certified (2021)

Mizani Air Cut Certified (2021)

Misty is committed to constant education and improvement within her industry. Not tied to any brand, she will use her skills and expertise to create the perfect cut and/or color for your hair. Read her Yelp! reviews to hear first-hand what her clients are saying about her work.

Menu of Services

Note: All services are ala carte, to enable you to customize your own cut and color package, except hair cuts, as noted in the descriptions. This is so you don't end up paying for steps like a blow dry with every service added to your appointment. You can add multiple services when booking. If you aren't sure what you need, use the notes when booking to describe what your goal is, and I'll make adjustments as needed. All prices are estimates and may be adjusted up or down based on time and product used. All timing is also an estimate. 

Hair Cuts

Curly Cut Reset

120mins      $242+

The works! Curly Hair Cut (dry or wet), Detox Shampoo service, Conditioning Treatment, Style and Set. If you need extra detangling, please book that service with this appointment so we will be sure to have time to complete your Set. If it's your first appointment with me and you have Curly Hair, this service is recommended.

Curly Cut Rehab

90mins       $182+

If it's been 5 months or more since your last Cut, or your last Cut was not with me, we're going to need a little extra time for reshaping and balancing. Includes and Shampoo and Conditioning Mask, if needed. May leave with damp hair.  


Curly Cut Maintenance

45mins      $121+

If your last Hair Cut was by me and not more than 5 months ago, this is the Hair Cut for you. This Cut is a dry "dusting" with minimal structural changes, a refreshing of your ends to oxygenate and prevent splitting. Please arrive for this service with your hair detangled, dry, down, and styled as normal. Your hair will not be restyled before you leave. If your hair requires a shampoo and/or detangling, additional charges will apply.

Hair Cut - Extra Long, Thick

& Blow Dry

90mins      $182+

If your hair is super thick and long and you like a blowout after your cut, but stylists regularly need extra time for you, this is made for you! Includes a Shampoo, Hair Cut, and Blow Dry.


Hair Cut 

- Medium Length to Long 

& Blow Dry

60mins     $109+

For shoulder length to mid-back length hair. Includes a Shampoo, Hair Cut, and Blow Dry.

Hair Cut

- Short Length

& Blow Dry

45mins      $73+

Shampoo, Cut and Blow Dry on hair that is above shoulder length.

Hair Cut 

-Clippers Only

25mins      $41+

This is a no fuss, no muss service. No Shampoo. No products. I'll hose you down with the water bottle, fade you up, and get you back out the door.


Bang Trim Only

15mins      $22+

Not getting a Hair Cut, but need a little bang trim? This one's for you. 


Beard Trim

15mins      $26+

Not getting a Hair Cut, but need a Beard clean up? Book this service. 


Neck Clean Up Only

10mins      $24+

Not getting a Hair Cut, but need your back hair line cleaned up. This one's for you.




60mins      $152+

Includes Airbrush Foundation and individual flare Lashes.


Curly Hair Shampoo & Set 

(Natural Curls)

60mins      $121+

When you don't need a cut, but want your natural curls rockin'! Need Curly Hair Styling tips? Book this. Also, if you're booking a treatment for your Curls, without a Cut, but want to leave with your hair styled, this one's for you!

Special Occasion/Updos

1hr      $152+

Need a picture perfect style that will hold all day? Book this appointment!


Blow Out (w/shampoo service)

45mins      $73+

Just what the name says. Add this to any Treatment or Color, to book without a Cut.


Flat Iron

30mins       $44+

Want to leave with a super sleek look? Add this to your appointment. Extra charge may be added for time exceeding 30 minutes. If you're booking this alone, add a Shampoo & Blow Dry.


Silk Press

90mins     $182+

Thick, Long, Curly, Coily... If these words describe your hair, then this is the ultimate Blow Out for you! Leave with sleek, silky, bouncy hair that will last for days. Shampoo service included. 


Color Blow Dry

20mins      $43+

You don't have to pay for a blow dry twice when you book a Cut with a Color, but if you're booking a Color only, this Color Blow Dry will be added to ensure you get the same quality of service you would get if you were also receiving a Cut & Blow Dry.

Curling Iron

15mins      $25+

If you want to leave with a casual curl (not formal event styling), add this to your appointment.



15mins      $25+

15 minutes of detangling, added to any other service.



Note: Highlights are any color lighter than your existing color. Lowlights are any color darker than your existing color. What is a Highlight for one person, could be a Lowlight for the next person. The terms "Balayage," "Foilayage," & "Pintura" refer to techniques used to achieve the color goal and placement. The good news is, all you need to know when booking is about how much color you want to add to your hair. We'll discuss the details in your consultation, before we get started, and decide on which application technique will accomplish your goal, together. 


Base/Grey/Root Retouch

45mins      $85+

Just need to cover that inch or less of pesky grey? Book this one. This is not for highlight "touch ups". If you are not booking a cut with this service, please add a Color Blow Dry, to ensure you receive the same quality of service.

Toner, Glaze or All Over Color

60mins      $121+

All over shine enhancing glaze, toner, or hair color. Not a lightening service. If booking without a Hair Cut, please add a Color Blow Dry, to ensure the same quality of service. 

Mini Highlight

45mins      $85+

If you like a lived-in look, with a little pop of color around your face, or just need a money-piece refresh, book this service. Does not include Toner. If you are not booking a Hair Cut with this service, please also book a Color Blow Dry. 


Partial Highlight or Lowlight

105mins      $226+

Add some dimension through your crown and sides. Does not include Toner. Please add a Color Blow Dry if not booking this with a Hair Cut, to ensure the same quality service.

Full Highlight or Lowlight

150mins       $303+

Add some dimension through the crown, sides and back of your hair. Does not include Toner. Please add a Color Blow Dry if not booking this with a Hair Cut, to ensure the same quality service. 

Corrective Color

240mins      $660+

Ready for a big color change? Have something you need undone to your color? I offer Corrective Coloring in 4 hour appointments only. Note: You may need more than one Corrective appointment to accomplish your goal.  


Double-Process Blonde Retouch

150mins      $303+

If you get lightener right on the scalp, this is your touch up appointment. Price includes toner. For first all-over lightening appointment, please book a Color Correction. If not adding a Hair Cut to this appointment, you'll need a Color Blow Dry to ensure the same quality of service.

Toner with any Highlight Service 

15mins      $31+

If your highlight doesn't need a toner, you don't have to pay for one automatically added to the price of your service, but if you do need or want toner, this is a quick addition to your appointment.

Color Blow Dry

30mins      $43+

You don't have to pay for a blow dry twice when you book a Cut with a Color, but if you're booking a Color only, this Color Blow Dry will be added to ensure you get the same quality of service you would get if you were also receiving a Cut & Blow Dry.


Detox Treatment w/ Mud Mask

15mins     $36+

A deep purifying treatment that cleanses and purifies the hair and scalp, removing buildup and environmental impurities to allow moisture absorption and conquer damage to rediscover your hair's extraordinary beauty. Delivers 24-hour brightening power from the roots to the ends and provides UV filters and antioxidants. Hair is left enhanced with radiance and glowing with shine.


Epres Bond Repair Treatment

10 mins     $45

An innovative hair treatment that delivers deep, lasting repair for chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Its acid-free, patented formula actively rebonds hair’s structure. The formula continues to diffuse repair through each strand for hours after application using Biodiffusion™ technology. Recommended with the K18 K18 Polypeptide Conditioning Treatment, for ultimate hair repair, bounce, and shine.

K18 Polypeptide 

Conditioning Treatment

5mins      $36+

K18's patented peptide travels into the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core polypeptide chains (keratin) and is just the right size to fit in a reconnect broken keratin chairs. in laymen's terms: It actually repairs damage and will NOT over keratinize. It leaves the hair soft and bouncy. Must book another service with this Treatment. If you're looking for the Treatment only, add a Shampoo and Blow Dry.

Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

15mins      $36+

Beautify, purify and detoxify your scalp. Starts with a Detox Shampoo and gently scrub away impurities from the scalp and hair follicle to provide the foundation for optimal scalp health and hair growth. Safe for all hair types. If booking alone a Shampoo & Blow Dry will be added to your service.

Hello, Love! 

Hair and makeup have always been my passion. 

I gave my first haircut to my little sister when I was in the 6th grade. It was an amazing wedged bob. Okay, "amazing" may be a subjective description of it. Let's just say for the 90s it was hella fly. I got my first Caboodle for my birthday, 7th grade year, and thus started my makeup addiction. I spent hours in my bedroom, looking at magazines and duplicating looks.


By high school, I was knee deep into the theatre and acting. My favorite college course ever was the theatre makeup class. I learned about lighting and contouring long before YouTubers were teaching the world how to change the shape of their features with lowlights and highlights.  


I spent a few years in a "real job" in Property Management, and I excelled at it, but I was bored and hated being behind a computer all day. I started soul searching and it was actually on my way home from Disneyland, after stopping in the Sephora in Downtown Disney, where I made the decision to go to Cosmetology school. While my Mom and I were in Sephora, she witnessed me answering questions and helping other shoppers.  She said to me, "You really need to do something with this talent." My reply was, "But Mom, retail is TORTURE!", yet the thought would not leave my mind.  Half way home, I had a plan. I started Cosmo school less than a month later and ultimately, graduated early.


Over the course of the last 19 years, I've worked in the top salons in Fresno, Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and Carlsbad. Along the way, I saw how underserved certain hair textures and types were and really focused in on solving the common problems people would bring to me. That led to getting Deva Certified at MaduSalon in San Francisco, in 2007. Many years of happy curly hair reviews later and I decided I had better make sure I knew everything there was to know about curls because the demand for someone who could cut natural curls was increasing. I'm now also Rezo Certified (I took the class one-on-one with Nubia Rezo in 2021) and Mizani Aircut Certified (2021, with Tippi Shorter as my instructor.) I'm happy to call Clovis home now, with many of my original clients back in my chair, making hair dreams come true. 



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